SuperDalle GPT: Revolutionizing DALL-E 3!

GPTs have truly transformed the digital art scene, especially with DALL-E 3’s evolution.

We now have two distinct versions: the standard DALL-E GPT;

gpts made by openai

And its integration within ChatGPT 4.

The standard version, while impressive, has its limitations: it can generate only two images and lacks the option for Custom Instructions.

On the flip side, the ChatGPT-integrated version allows for a single image creation but can be a bit cumbersome even with Custom Instructions.

Enter SuperDalle, my latest creation designed to unleash DALL-E 3’s full potential. super dalle interface

New to creating GPTs on ChatGPT? Check out this primer first:

👉 GPT Building for Everyone: A How-To

SuperDalle boasts some exciting features:

  • It can churn out 4 consecutive images.
  • It cleverly sidesteps DALL-E’s copyright constraints.
  • Each image is introduced by a unique Midjourney prompt, offering a more diverse style than the original.
  • Plus, every image comes tagged with a serial number and a gen_id.
  • And to top it off, SuperDalle suggests 4 innovative image ideas for continuous creativity.

Here’s a glimpse of how SuperDalle works its magic:

I input a specific prompt.

Prompt: Dreamy anime-style watercolor portrait of a young woman with her faithful husky dog

Voilà! Four images appear, each preceded by a Midjourney prompt and a copy button. Following each image is a handy identifier, simplifying further customizations. For instance, Image x1: hPsPQQS61Ck0HYRD. super dalle demo 1

When SuperDalle throws out 4 new Image Ideas, I can simply respond with a number, and it gets to work creating another masterpiece. super dalle demo 2

Need to tweak an image? No problem. I use the identifiers for precise adjustments, as shown here: super dalle demo 3

When I submit SuperDalle’s first prompt to Midjourney, it generates the following image: midjourney images

And guess what? SuperDalle even handles images of copyrighted characters, like Pikachu! syperdalle generate copyrighted character

Feel free to mention the artist’s name in subsequent revisions. SuperDalle is here to assist you in aligning your prompt with DALL·E’s content policy.

In rare instances, SuperDalle may encounter difficulties generating images, so kindly attempt to regenerate it.

If SuperDalle piques your interest, why not add it to your toolkit? Here’s the link:

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