Create Tailor-Made Midjourney Prompts Like a Pro with G-Prompter

Midjourney can whip up an amazing image from just a line of text! Say you type “smiling woman in business attire,” and voilà! You’ll see a portrait so realistic, it could easily pass as a pro photographer’s work.

smiling woman in business attire

But let’s be real—the image might look too good to be unique. Even though the lighting and setting hit the mark, the result often feels like it came off an assembly line.

Crafting that perfect, one-of-a-kind prompts isn’t a walk in the park. You need to juggle artistic elements like lighting, mood, color, and so much more. It’s a tall order if you’re not an art buff.

Good news, though! There’s a Swiss army knife of AI tools out there to make your life easier. And today, we’re diving into one free gem—

G-Prompter takes the hassle out of creating detailed prompts. Just feed it a short description, and it’ll take care of the rest, spicing up your prompt with all the nitty-gritty details—think environment, lighting, color, and composition—based on the art style and medium you select. You can then use this prompt with top-notch image generators like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Leonardo.

What sets G-Prompter apart? Well, you can even train it on your custom prompts for a personalized touch. All your training data stays right on your local machine. I gave it a go myself, and the results were eye-opening!

G-Prompter offers four modes: Train your OWN, Photography, Artwork, and Vector. I’ll save the nitty-gritty on “Training Mode” for later.

g-prompter text-to-image prompters

First up, I dove into Photography Mode. I typed “smiling woman in business attire” in the ‘Enter idea’ textbox, ready to cook up some engaging prompts.

Next, it was time to play with the settings. You can tweak “Prompt Length”, “Artistic Style”, set the MJ Ratio, and even pick a Midjourney Version.

g-prompter really long prompt length

In my case, I went all out, choosing ‘Really long’ for length and dialing up the ‘Artistic Style’ for AI imagination. I hit ‘Submit’ and—bam!—a richly detailed prompt was served up in a flash!

Prompt: A photograph of a confident smiling woman in sleek business attire, framed against a vibrant cityscape at golden hour. The warm tones of the setting sun cast a flattering glow on her face, emphasizing her inner strength and determination. The composition accentuates her posture, with strong leading lines and a dynamic angle of view, capturing her in a moment of triumph amidst the bustling urban environment.

A photograph of a confident smiling woman in sl by midjourney

Compared to the run-of-the-mill portrait we started with, this one flaunts a delightfully warm background. What’s awesome about G-Prompter is its redo feature. Not vibing with your current prompt? Just hit “Submit” again for a fresh take. I did it twice and ended up with two brand-new, captivating versions!

Prompt 1: A Photograph capturing a confident, smiling woman in elegant business attire with a retro twist. The composition utilizes a top-down perspective and bold, contrasting colors. The woman is depicted amidst a dynamic scene, walking confidently towards the viewer with her briefcase swinging rhythmically, evoking a sense of purpose and determination.

A Photograph capturing a confident smiling woma by midjourney

Prompt 2: A photograph capturing a confident and empowered woman in sleek business attire while engaging in a lively conversation, mid-stride on a vibrant city street. The composition showcases her full body, with a vibrant color palette of bold reds and blues that compliment her determined expression and radiant smile.

A photograph capturing a confident and empowered woman

It didn’t stop there; the smiles got even wider and the energy even sprightlier!

For my next act, I simplified the prompt to just “smiling woman,” opting for a medium length and a National Geographic flair.

g-prompter national geographic photo prompt

Three dazzling versions popped out of this setup.

Prompt 1: A Photograph of a beaming woman basking in warm, golden light amidst a vast, savannah landscape. Radiant, serene, capturing the essence of nature.

A Photograph of a beaming woman basking in warm by midjourney

Prompt 2: A Photograph of a radiant woman, adorned in vibrant tribal attire, smiling under the golden rays of an African sunset. National Geographic-style.

A Photograph of a radiant woman adorned in vibr by midjourney

Prompt 3: A Photograph of a smiling woman amidst a rugged desert landscape, her vibrant traditional garments blending harmoniously with the golden hues.


Sure, we’ve been all about Photography Mode, but let’s not forget—G-Prompter also offers Drawing and Vector Modes for you to explore. But wait, there’s more!

Let’s crack into Training Mode! If you’re a newbie here, a button urging you to “TRAIN A NEW PROMPTER” pops up. For the seasoned trainers, your past efforts conveniently resurface.

g-prompter train your own prompt

Now, it’s time to choose your medium—Photography, Traditional Art, Digital Art, or go big with “ALL Combined.” In my case, I stayed in my lane with Photography.

g-prompter choose mediumpng

What style, you ask? I kicked it off with “Portrait, Fashion” but didn’t stop there.

g-prompter choose style

I dialed it down further, settling on “Glamorous & Fashion” to churn out some haute couture-level portraits.

g-prompter choose global styles

Once you’ve nailed down your medium and style, you’re free to throw in your own prompts for specialized training.

g-prompter train my own model by midjourney

Got a specific image idea? Enter it, and presto! Customized, refined prompts are yours for the taking.

g-prompter generate prompt based on trained prompts by midjourney

Below, you’ll find a side-by-side comparison between a vanilla prompt and its Training Mode glam-up.

Prompt1: supermodel in the white modern outfit

supermodel in the white modern outfit

Prompt 2: A stunning supermodel exudes elegance and allure as she dons a white modern outfit. Bathed in soft, ethereal lighting, her figure emerges from the shadows, enchanting viewers with her graceful pose and sculptural contours. The composition blends elements of avant-garde fashion and sleek minimalism, drawing inspiration from the clean lines and precise detailing of futuristic design. The photograph captures a moment frozen in time, where the model’s captivating presence commands attention and the purity of the white ensemble juxtaposes against the dark backdrop, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

A stunning supermodel exudes elegance and allur by midjourney

Prompt1: Supermodel in flowing gown on beach

Supermodel in flowing gown on beach by midjourney

Prompt2: A vibrant portrait of a supermodel gracefully standing on a picturesque beach, her flowing gown billowing in the gentle coastal breeze. The sun paints her skin in golden hues, while the rolling waves provide a stunning backdrop. Capture the elegance and allure of this scene, using high fashion elements and intricate details.

A vibrant portrait of a supermodel gracefully by midjourney

And here’s the cherry on top: for now, G-Prompter is all yours, no strings attached—totally free. So if you’re intrigued, why not give it a whirl? The future? Who knows, but seize the day, my friends!

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