5 Groundbreaking ChatGPT Updates You Can’t Miss

OpenAI’s DevDay brought forth a whirlwind of advancements in a compact 45-minute session that have since reverberated through the tech community. For Plus users and developers alike, the updates represent a paradigm shift in the capabilities of ChatGPT. Here are the five major updates that are poised to reshape your perceptions of what AI can do:

All-in-One ChatGPT

Imagine my surprise when I opened ChatGPT today—it was completely revamped! Gone are the days of toggling between Web Browsing, DALL-E 3, and Advanced Data Analysis (Code Interpreter); now, it creates images, analyzes data, or conducts network searches in response to your prompts. Entering this prompt now effortlessly networks DALL-E 3 for AI images:

chatgpt new interface 1

Prompt: Create a banner featuring the word “Hello” along with today’s date.

real time banner with DALL-E 3

New Model “GPT-4 Turbo”

The new release model “GPT-4 Turbo” is groundbreaking. It’s now accessible to Plus users, with developers getting a sneak peek through the gpt-4-1106-preview API. Boasting an expansive 128k context window, it dwarfs Claude 2’s 100k text capacity, holding the equivalent of over 300 pages of text. In a demonstration of its prowess, I fed it the DevDay’s 7,184-word Youtube transcript, and it swiftly provided a comprehensive article outline.

openai devday outline

Beyond accommodating lengthier texts, GPT-4 Turbo has also grown wiser, as attested by Sam Altman. This latest API iteration can recognize images, interface with DALL-E 3, and simulate voice, ushering in an exciting era for developers and spawning a new wave of AI applications that create vivid images and sounds.

Continually Refreshed Training Data

When inquiring about the most recent update to its training data, ChatGPT confirmed that its knowledge is current as of April 2023. This aligns with Sam Altman’s statements during DevDay, where he committed to ongoing updates to the training data to ensure ChatGPT remains informed and relevant.

In the past, ChatGPT’s effectiveness as an assistant in certain areas was hindered by outdated information. However, with the latest updates, it now possesses an understanding of contemporary topics such as Midjourney. Consequently, ChatGPT is poised to serve as a proficient assistant for Midjourney-related inquiries and tasks.

chatgpt training data last updated

The Dawn of Custom GPTs

The recent launch signifies the beginning of personalized GPTs, dubbed simply “GPTs” by OpenAI. While this offering will be fully operational in the coming weeks, a preview is already available within ChatGPT. OpenAI has even provided a selection of GPTs for public experimentation.

gpts interface

Soon, you’ll be able to craft your GPTs in ChatGPT just by using prompts, without any coding necessary. These GPTs will feature integrated web browsing, DALL-E 3 image creation, and Code Interpreter. Plus, your custom GPTs can be shared and even monetized based on their usage.

During the conference, Sam Altman demonstrated the creation of a GPT tailored for startup founders seeking business advice. He began by informing the GPT Builder of his intent to craft an AI that could assist with startup-related advice.

altman making custom gpt 1

The builder proposed a name and generated a visual identity for the GPT.

altman making custom gpt 3

Altman then uploaded a document of speeches he had about startups.

altman making custom gpt 4

This process resulted in a bespoke GPT capable of fielding a variety of questions about startups, drawing from the insights of Altman’s speeches.

altman making custom gpt 5

This tailored GPT acts as a digital proxy of Sam Altman, offering guidance akin to consulting with him directly.

API Price Reduction

For developers crafting apps with GPT-4, the GPT-4 Turbo model is now more affordable. The API costs for input have been reduced to a third of the prior GPT-4 8K’s price and half for output. The new GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K model also comes at a lower cost compared to its predecessors.

gpt models pricing chart

In Summary

I believe the custom GPTs are the standout update, eagerly anticipating the ability to create bespoke GPTs in ChatGPT. This feature promises to broaden the horizons for both professional and personal applications. While there are other updates specifically for developers, for those interested, further details can be found on the official blog or the replay of DevDay.

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