Captivating Portraits with Midjourney: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to turn your Midjourney portraits from merely good to genuinely jaw-dropping?

In this piece, I’ll peel back the curtain on how to fine-tune every element—from studio-perfect lighting to evocative emotions.

You’ll learn to weave the techniques of photography legends into your own unique tapestry, creating portraits that resonate deeply with viewers.

Let’s elevate your craft together.

1️⃣ Kick-Start with a Portrait-Related Term

Are you struggling with portraits that look less than lifelike in Midjourney? A helpful tip: kick things off with a term related to portraits!

Doing so acts like a compass, guiding Midjourney to create a more specialized portrait for you. Isn’t that exciting?

Generally speaking, professional portraits can be divided into two categories: studio portraits and outdoor portraits. Trust me, just starting with either of these terms can steer Midjourney toward creating a bona fide professional shot.

Studio Portraits in Midjourney

When you opt for a studio portrait, you’ll find that Midjourney pulls out all the stops with professional lighting effects. It’s as though you’ve walked into a meticulously set up studio, helmed by a pro photographer.

Prompt: studio portrait of a female model draped in a red silk gown with extravagant feather details –style raw –s 750

studio portrait of a female model by midjourney

Have you noticed the Rembrandt lighting effect, automatically added, illuminating a triangle of highlights on the face in the above portrait? It captures the essence so well that you’d swear it was the work of a seasoned photographer.

Outdoor Portraits in Midjourney

If you prefer the natural ambiance, Midjourney’s outdoor portraits won’t disappoint. These portraits come alive with the play of natural light, making both the setting and characters irresistibly compelling.

Prompt: outdoor portrait of a woman in a wheat field at sunset –style raw –s 750

outdoor portrait of a woman in a wheat field by midjourney

Just take a look at how Midjourney matches the character’s attire with the environment! And let’s not overlook the romantic touch—the character’s flowing, wavy blonde locks, kissed by the sun’s side backlight, infuse the scene with a warm and dreamy quality.

Expand Your Horizons

But don’t just stop at studio and outdoor portraits! Midjourney offers you the flexibility to explore other specialized portrait types as well. This opens up a world of possibilities for your creative endeavors. For example:

  1. Candid: Candid portrait of a laughing child in a sunflower field
  2. Surreal: Surreal portrait of a woman with an aura of floating, ethereal butterflies
  3. Glamour: Glamour portrait of a Hollywood actress in a vintage setting, complete with elegant jewelry
  4. Black-and-White: Black-and-white portrait of a jazz musician in a dimly lit club
  5. Historical: Historical portrait of a knight in shining armor against a medieval castle backdrop
  6. Fantasy: Fantasy portrait of a wizard casting a spell, surrounded by ancient runes
  7. High-Fashion: High-fashion portrait of a model wearing avant-garde couture, set in a futuristic environment
  8. Romantic: Romantic portrait of a couple sharing a tender moment under a cherry blossom tree
  9. Ethereal: Ethereal portrait of a ballerina surrounded by soft-focus flowers and a pastel color palette
  10. Fine art: Fine-art portrait of a woman resembling a classical oil painting, set in a Rococo-style room

2️⃣ Crafting the Perfect Scene

The environment framing your portrait character isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a storyteller. It shapes the character’s identity and personality while also stirring emotions in the viewer.

Take, for instance, the previous portrait set in a wheat field. Midjourney expertly calibrates the lighting, attire, and even the character’s expression and accessories to harmonize with that rustic scene.

Scenes generally fall into two categories: indoor and outdoor. Each comes with its own flavors and moods.

The Indoor Palette

Indoor settings can vary from the quintessential studio to an office, a cozy cafe, a sleek modern parlor, an antique drawing room, or even an industrial loft.

And guess what? You’re not limited to the scene’s natural lighting. Feel free to tweak it by adding effects like soft ambient light, dramatic shadows, or the warm glow of candlelight. These details can make your indoor setting as photorealistic as a professionally lit studio.

Prompt: Vintage pin-up model, 1950s diner, vibrant pastels, softbox lighting, playful pose, retro aesthetic –style raw –s 750

Vintage pin-up model 1950s diner vibrant paste by midjourney

The Great Outdoors

For those craving a touch of nature or urban flair, outdoor settings range from sandy beaches and towering mountains to bustling city skylines and tranquil countryside.

Want to amp up the emotional texture? You can specify the time of day—be it morning’s first light, the golden hour of the afternoon, the poetic hues of sunset, or the calm of the evening. Even the weather conditions can be manipulated to subtly influence the mood of the portrait.

Prompt: Tattooed musician, desert, late afternoon, golden light, dramatic shadows, electric guitar –style raw –s 750

williamshatner1 Tattooed musician desert late afternoon golden by midjourney

3️⃣ Infuse Emotions for Lifelike Realism

The magic of Midjourney doesn’t just end at choosing the right setting or lighting; it extends to capturing emotions as well.

Simply adding emotional keywords to your Midjourney prompt can dramatically alter the character’s facial expressions, attire, and even the surrounding scene. It sets the emotional compass for the entire image, and that’s a game-changer.

Prompt: full body shot of a female boxer, tense expression, sweat-drenched, boxing ring, dramatic spotlight, gritty realism, monochromatic –style raw –s 750

full body shot of a female boxer tense expression by midjourney

Synchronize Emotion with Environment

It’s crucial to align the emotional tone with the setting and lighting for an authentic, holistic effect. For instance, consider a portrait featuring two melancholy women. By simply adding the word “overcast” to one of their prompts, the impact is profound as shown in the below photos: not only is the mood word “melancholy” intensified, but even their poses adapt to reflect that ambiance. It’s almost like the characters themselves become aware of their settings.

Prompt 1: melancholy woman sitting on the beach –style raw –s 750

melancholy woman sitting on the beach by midjourney

Prompt 2: melancholy woman sitting on the beach, overcast –style raw –s 750

melancholy woman sitting on the beach overcast by midjourney

A Palette of Moods

Ready to dabble in the emotional spectrum? Midjourney empowers you with an extensive array of mood descriptors. From “serene,” “joyful,” and “dreamy,” to “brooding,” “gloomy,” and “nostalgic,” the choices are plentiful.

Want to add more layers? Try “solemn,” “romantic,” “mysterious,” or “whimsical.” And that’s not all—you can go for “energetic,” “resilient,” “intense,” “contemplative,” or even “chaotic.”

4️⃣ Master the Art of Lighting

Ah, lighting—the secret sauce in the realm of photography and digital art. We’ve touched on its importance when discussing scenes and moods, like the cozy glow of candlelight or the diffused, flattering quality of overcast light for a woman’s portrait.

However, Midjourney goes the extra mile, offering an array of lighting options that can elevate your creation to a whole new level.

Auto vs. Manual Mode

Sometimes, Midjourney automatically dials in the lighting based on the scene and mood you’ve selected. Think of this as your camera’s automatic mode. But let’s be honest, auto mode doesn’t always get it right.

If Midjourney’s default lighting doesn’t quite hit the mark, you can always take control by specifying lighting effects in your prompt—akin to using your camera’s manual mode.

The Spectacle of Natural Light

The possibilities are truly dazzling. Opting for backlighting can lend your character a dreamy, ethereal glow. Or how about capturing the splendor of the golden hour? That warm, waning sunlight can infuse your portrait with positivity and create a sublime atmosphere—perfect for a valiant warrior, for instance.

Prompt: Samurai warrior, intense focus, backlit by setting sun, dramatic sky, Kurosawa influence, high contrast, dynamic composition, intense colors –style raw –s 750

Samurai warrior intense focus strong backlit by midjourney

The Drama of Time and Atmosphere

Then there’s the blue hour, that magical time when the sun is at or below the horizon, cloaking the scene in a tranquil, mysterious hue.

Prompt: Young woman, flowing white dress, standing on a cliff, blue hour ocean backdrop, ethereal, windswept hair –style raw –s 750

Young woman flowing white dress by midjourney

And don’t forget other captivating moments like midnight, dusk, and dawn, each offering its own unique light properties. Interested in something more esoteric? Try effects like “sunbeams” or “crepuscular rays” to produce something truly extraordinary.

Prompt: Desert nomad, camel beside, sunbeams slicing through sandstorm, journey’s challenge, determination in eyes –style raw –s 750

Desert nomad camel beside sunbeams by midjourney

It’s incredible, isn’t it? How a simple element like light can transform a portrait into a powerful narrative tool. If this aspect of Midjourney piques your interest, you won’t want to miss my other story on the subject.

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5️⃣ Play with Angles for Dramatic Impact

Let’s not forget, that the angle at which you capture your subject can be as transformative as the setting or the mood.

By default, Midjourney sets your viewpoint at eye level, creating a sense of equal footing between the viewer and the character. But what if you want to shake things up a bit?

High and Low: Perspectives that Speak

Switching to a top-down angle can either emphasize a character’s vulnerability or simply add a novel twist to your portrait.

Prompt: Downshot of an astronaut floating in the weightlessness of space, Earth visible in the background –style raw –s 750

Downshot of an astronaut floating in the weight by midjourney

On the flip side, an elevated perspective can make your subject appear taller and more commanding—quite the power move, don’t you think?

Prompt: Ground shot of gladiator wielding sword, Colosseum background, dramatic shadows –style raw –s 750 –ar 2:3

Ground shot of gladiator wielding dual swords by midjourney

If you’re intrigued by the art of angling, you might want to check out another story of mine that dives deep into this fascinating subject.

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6️⃣ Add a Vintage or Dramatic Touch with Cameras or Film

Now, here’s a tidbit you might find compelling: You can layer additional styles onto your Midjourney portrait by specifying camera or film models. And the results can be stunning.

Ever thought about adding a vintage glow to your image? A Polaroid setting can encapsulate your portrait in nostalgia, lending it a dreamy quality—even complete with a classic border.

Prompt: Polaroid camera photo of femme fatale, red lipstick, black veil, dim-lit bar, mysterious and dangerous aura –style raw –s 750

Polaroid camera photo of femme fatale by midjourney

If it’s drama you seek, consider using film like Ilford HP5 Plus. This black-and-white choice doesn’t just make your portrait high-contrast; it captures the very soul of your subject in a profoundly unique way.

Prompt: Ice-cold hitman, black suit, pistol, tense grip, dark alley, mood: chilling professionalism, Ilford HP5 Plus –style raw –s 750


So whether it’s angles or film types, the options to tweak and personalize are almost endless. Delve into more details with this story: 👉 Exploring Camera and Film Effects in Midjourney

7️⃣ Invoke the Masters: Citing Photographers in Midjourney

Now, here’s a pro tip that could elevate your Midjourney projects: citing renowned photographers in your prompt. This can magically weave their signature styles into your creations, making each portrait a unique piece of art.

Annie Leibovitz: The Drama Maven

Annie Leibovitz is almost synonymous with dramatic portraits. Known for her bold, emotional, and highly stylized work, Leibovitz employs a perfect blend of dramatic lighting and poses. If you want to evoke intense emotion, she’s your go-to.

Prompt: Female dancer, silk dress, wind machine, movement captured, high-speed photography, Annie Leibovitz style –style raw –s 750


Vivian Maier: The Street Virtuoso

Vivian Maier captures the untamed essence of everyday life in her street photography. Her ability to immortalize the raw, fleeting moments of daily existence is a craft you can tap into for a Midjourney creation.

Prompt: Skater boy, concrete park, action shot, youthfulness, Vivian Maier style –style raw –s 750

Skater boy concrete park action shot youthfulness by midjourney

Richard Avedon: The Emotion Whisperer

If clean, crisp portraits are what you’re aiming for, look no further than Richard Avedon. Best known for his ability to capture the personalities and emotions of usually high-profile subjects, an Avedon-inspired portrait promises to be a compelling narrative.

Prompt: female fashion mogul, elegantly dressed, striking a sophisticated pose, Richard Avedon style –style raw –s 750


David LaChapelle: The Pop Culture Alchemist

For something a bit more eclectic, you might consider David LaChapelle. Known for his hyper-realistic, meticulously crafted, and often provocative photos, LaChapelle fuses the glamorous and the everyday in vibrant hues.

Prompt: Punk rocker, Vatican background, irreverent pose, sacred and profane elements, David LaChapelle style –style raw –s 750

Punk rocker Vatican background irreverent pose by midjourney

Hiroshi Sugimoto: The Conceptual Innovator

Though Hiroshi Sugimoto is not mainly known for portraits, his conceptual work is a treasure trove of inspiration.

Themes like time, impermanence, and human perception are his playground. A Midjourney portrait inspired by Sugimoto can offer fine gradations of light and dark, adding a complex layer of depth and atmosphere.

Prompt: Woman on a swing, in the style of Hiroshi Sugimoto –style raw

Woman on a swing in the style of Hiroshi Sugimo by midjourney

So there you have it—the key ingredients for a masterful Midjourney portrait. Now, it’s your turn to capture the intangible, one click at a time. Happy creating!

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