12+ Powerful Midjourney Lighting Prompts to Elevate Your AI Art

Lighting is crucial in visual arts. It shapes the image’s mood, composition, and style. Midjourney adds lighting effects automatically, but manual adjustments can yield more professional outcomes.

Types of Controllable Lighting

In Midjourney, you can manually change the lighting to achieve specific artistic goals. Controlled lighting lets you modify the light settings yourself.

Key Lighting

Key Lighting is the main source of light. It adds depth and dimension to subjects, making faces, landscapes, and objects look more realistic. The angle of this light affects the image’s mood. For example, side lighting is striking; front lighting is pleasing.

Inserting “studio portraiture” or “studio photography” in a Midjourney prompt typically positions the subject under this primary light.

Prompt: a joyful young woman holding a Bichon Frise, studio portraiture in the style of Annie Leibovitz

midjourney key light a joyful young woman holding a Bichon Frise


Backlighting illuminates subjects from behind. It emphasizes silhouettes and detaches the subject from the background. This lighting also adds depth and can create an ethereal look.

Prompt: an extreme close up of a dandelion seed head against a blurred background, backlit to accentuate the delicate fibers

midjourney lighting prompt backlighting

Rim Lighting

Rim lighting outlines a subject’s edges. In Midjourney, it separates subjects from backgrounds and adds focus. It brings objects or people out from the darkness.

Prompt: A hummingbird with wings spread, rim lighting freezing the rapid motion mid-flight

midjourney lighting prompt rim lighting

Rembrandt Lighting

This technique, named after the famous Dutch artist, employs soft side lighting to fashion a triangular glow on one side of the face. In Midjourney, this introduces a timeless elegance to images.

Prompt: Generate an image of a young woman donned in a royal gown and crown, seated on a throne. Position Rembrandt lighting to illuminate the triangle of light on her right cheek, emphasizing her regal demeanor.

midjourney lighting prompt rembrandt lighting


Candlelight offers a flickering light source that can evoke a rustic or historical ambiance in Midjourney.

Prompt: a portrait of a medieval female scholar, concentrating on an ancient manuscript, with flickering candlelight as the sole source of illumination

midjourney lighting prompt candlelight

Natural Light

Natural light adds authenticity to landscapes and portraits. In Midjourney, it builds a connection with the viewer.

Golden Hour

The golden hour, occurring after sunrise and before sunset, bathes scenes in a gentle, amber glow. It’s perfect for producing nostalgic or romantic images in Midjourney.

Prompt: A woman guitarist lost in her performance, strumming an acoustic guitar on a beach, backlit by a dramatic golden sunset, reflecting off the ocean waves

midjourney lighting prompt golden hour

Blue Hour

Blue Hour lighting imbues the scene with a tranquil, mysterious blue hue. It’s suitable for peaceful evening landscapes in Midjourney.

Prompt: A glassy lake reflecting blue hour clouds and colors with a fisherman in a boat

midjourney lighting prompt blue hour


Midnight lighting can produce scenes in Midjourney that are mysterious or haunting.

Prompt: photo of a young woman sitting alone in a train, gazing out of the window at the passing landscape in the midnight

midjourney lighting prompt midnight

Dusk and Dawn

At dusk and dawn, lighting turns dramatic yet delicate. Such transitions in Midjourney can establish a powerful ambiance.

Prompt: A winding path through orange tulip fields underneath a pastel dusk sky

midjourney lighting prompt dusk

Prompt: an empty city street bathed in the soft light of dawn, with skyscrapers casting long shadows

midjourney lighting prompt dawn


Overcast light is soft and even. It’s good for generating portraits and outdoor scenes in Midjourney and can evoke moods like melancholy or serenity.

Prompt: a young girl sitting on a deserted beach, wrapped in a blanket, staring out at the gloomy sea, lighting: overcast

midjourney lighting prompt overcast


Sunbeams, or crepuscular rays, add a sense of grandeur and sanctity to landscapes. It’s effective in nature scenes in Midjourney.

Prompt: A small clearing in a dense forest with sunbeams spotlighting a tranquil deer

midjourney lighting prompt sunbeams

Prompt: A lone biker riding down a highway lined with trees casting crepuscular rays

midjourney lighting prompt crepuscular rays

Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is strong and focused, creating sharp contrasts. It’s ideal for bright daytime scenes.

Prompt: a photo of female surfer riding waves, the water sparkling under the direct sunlight

midjourney lighting prompt direct sunlight

Foggy/Misty Lighting

This type of lighting creates a subtle, mysterious atmosphere in Midjourney.

Prompt: A bridge that seems to lead to nowhere, its opposite end swallowed entirely by the fog, creating an ethereal path into the unknown

midjourney lighting prompt foggy misty lighting


Lighting in Midjourney isn’t just a technical aspect; it’s an art form. Each type of light has its own mood and texture. Think of it as an invisible paintbrush that adds life to your art.

Your creativity sets the boundaries, so let lighting unlock your imaginations.

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