Exploring the art of flat Lay & knolling photography with Midjourney

You know that overwhelming joy of seeing a chaotic drawer finally organized? That’s the calm I found in Midjourney’s flat lay and knolling styles. It’s not just about creating visually stunning art; for me, it’s been a game-changer for my OCD 🤣😜. With a few simple keywords, I could turn my obsessive need for order into beautiful, structured visuals. Talk about therapeutic!

Why You’ll Love Flat Lay

Flat lay has its roots in photography, where objects get snapped from a bird’s-eye view. Picture this: Your favorite trinkets, spread out neatly on a table, captured in a photo that screams simplicity. It’s the perfect storytelling tool. From fashion must-haves to the latest gadgets, flat lay has something for every occasion.

Mastering Flat Lay in Midjourney

If you’re looking to whip up some clutter-free art, you’ve got to get familiar with this term. From my own time experimenting, I can vouch for “flat lay” as the golden keyword in Midjourney.

Tack it onto any object you want to feature, and Midjourney effortlessly spruces up the layout and background. It even jazzes things up with some mood lighting. The end result? An inviting, organized piece of art that’s easy on the eyes. Here are two examples:

Prompt 1: flat lay art supplies

flat lay art supplies by midjourney

Prompt 2: space-themed flat lay, planets and stars

space-themed flat lay planets and stars by midjourney

You’re not stuck with “flat lay,” though. You can also go for phrases like “array of,” “presentation of,” or “collection of” to achieve similar aesthetics.

Prompt 1: array of seashells and starfish

array of seashells and starfish by midjourney

Prompt 2: circular arrangement of fresh fruit

circular arrangement of fresh fruit by midjourney

Use the word “essentials,” and you’ll get neat columns in your art.

Prompt 1: travel essentials

travel essentials by midjourney

Prompt 2: back-to-school essentials

back-to-school essentials by midjourney

But if these aren’t hitting the mark, you can always fall back on good ol’ “flat lay.”

Wanna shake things up? Your flat lay doesn’t have to be, well, flat or rectangular. Get creative with shapes!

Prompt: flat lay colorful flowers, leaves, butterflies composed in a heart shape

flat lay colorful flowers leaves butterflies by midjourney

And who said the background has to be a snooze fest? Choose a vibrant backdrop that adds life to your creation.

Prompt: flat lay beach essentials, tidal waves, vibrant fantasy colors

flat lay beach essentials surreal tidal waves by midjourney

Oh, and you can invite some characters into the frame to make things even more lively. Trust me, the possibilities are endless!

Prompt 1: flat lay photography of a chef in white uniform sitting cross-legged surrounded by ingredients

flat lay photography of a chef in white uniform by midjourney

Prompt: flat lay aerial shot of a dairy farmer & cow relaxing in hay barn surrounded by milk pails, stools, butter neatly arranged –ar 16:9

flat lay aerial shot of a dairy farmer by midjourney

All About Knolling

But wait, there’s more! If flat lay is about simplicity, knolling is its OCD-friendly cousin. This method amplifies order by lining up items at 90-degree angles. A feast for the eyes, it quickly gained traction on platforms like Instagram.

So, how do you knoll in Midjourney? Just add “knolling” to your prompt. And if you want an overhead shot, throw in “flat lay” for good measure.

You can knoll anything from furniture layouts to anatomy charts. And the artistic mediums aren’t limited to photography—think infographics, botanical illustrations, and yes, even anime-style visuals! I mean, how cool is that?

Prompt: infographic illustration, knolling bike components

infographic illustration knolling bike by midjourney

Prompt: pencil drawing of a spy’s toolkit, knolling –ar 2:3

pencil drawing of a spys toolkit knolling by midjourney

Prompt: botanical illustration of flowers, knolling –ar 2:3

botanical illustration of flowers knolling by midjourney

Prompt: technical Illustration of vintage camera parts, knolling –ar 3:2

technical Illustration of vintage camera parts by midjourney

Prompt: diagrammatic drawing of knolling potter’s clay and tools

diagrammatic drawing of knolling potters clay by midjourney

Prompt: knolling samurai warrior gear –ar 3:2 –niji 5

knolling samurai warrior gear by midjourney

Wrapping Up

Embarking on the Midjourney experience is more than just stringing words into a prompt; it’s embracing a canvas of limitless possibilities.

With every prompt you toss into the mix, you’re not just crafting a visual—you’re pushing creative boundaries.

And let’s talk about evolution! Midjourney is always growing, with tried-and-true methods like flat lay and knolling as starting points. Who’s to say where this could go next? Your next prompt might just birth a whole new genre of art!

For those who’ve caught the bug and want to dive deeper, this article is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a universe of additional effects like lighting, colors, and moods. Intrigued? Check out this more in-depth article: The Midjourney Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Crafting Photorealistic Images

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