Master Midjourney Photography Prompts: Your Ultimate Guide to 25 Photography Genres

Midjourney has significantly impacted the field of photography through its remarkable capability to generate images. Now, anyone can be an artist; each interaction with Midjourney’s digital platform becomes an innovative concept rather than just a brushstroke.

The software’s image-generating prowess stems from its training on countless photographic samples, making it deeply connected to the realm of photography.

Understanding the different genres of photography and their underlying principles is crucial if you want to maximize Midjourney’s potential for creating photorealistic images.

This article aims to inform you about the attributes of each genre and guide you in crafting appropriate prompts for Midjourney. Each genre section contains sample images and several example prompts.

By the end of this article, I expect you will think like a photographer and gain proficiency in a visual language that goes beyond the scope of conventional photography.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography aims to capture the distinct personality and emotions of an individual or a group.

When using Midjourney, merely entering terms like “portrait,” “portraiture,” “face,” or “expression” may not result in a photorealistic portrait but could produce a painting instead.

To generate a lifelike portrait, you should specify “portrait photography” or include terms related to camera work, such as the camera model mentioned in a previous post, or the words “camera” or “shot.” 👉 Exploring Camera and Film Effects in Midjourney

Prompt: A 5-year-old boy wearing a superhero costume looking towards the camera with a big smile

midjourney portrait photography prompt

Other similar prompts are:

photo of a young woman in a steampunk outfit sitting on a vintage chair

A happy family of four standing in front of a brick wall laughing together, Nikon D850

A close-up dramatic portrait of an elderly man with intricate facial details, Canon 5D Mark IV

A group shot of friends having a summer picnic in the park candidly talking and eating

Food Photography

In food photography, the goal is to make the dish look as appetizing as possible. This genre focuses on capturing the food’s color, texture, and presentation. When crafting prompts for Midjourney, make sure to highlight these elements to create more enticing images.

Prompt: A cake decorated in an ombre rainbow design transitioning from deep red to vivid purple, perfectly sliced showing the rich layers. Lit to emphasize the colors.

midjourney food photography prompt

Other similar prompts include:

Aerial view of xiaolongbao soup dumplings piled in a steamer, with one split open showing the soupy interior and delicate pleats of the wrapper.

Fresh hand-pulled noodles being stretched into long, chewy strands with a vibrant golden color.

A dramatic overhead view of Peking duck, with perfectly lacquered crispy skin served alongside shaved cucumber and hoisin sauce.

Symmetrical Chongqing hot pot with swirling chili oil dotted with dried chilies, Sichuan peppercorns, and aromatic spices.

Product Photography

Product photography is centered on highlighting commercial items in a visually appealing manner.

When formulating Midjourney prompts for this genre, pay attention to the unique characteristics that make the product special. Here are some recommendations:

  • Include descriptive words to indicate textures, materials, lighting, and other details, like “Smooth Coca-Cola glass bottle with water droplets condensing on it.”
  • Suggest classic backgrounds typically used in studio photography, such as “seamless white” or “muted gray,” to emulate professional product shots.
  • Indicate a compelling angle for the product, like “low angle close-up of luxury watch with directional spotlight.”
  • If the product is associated with a particular lifestyle or emotion, include these elements in your prompt.

Prompt: A crisp white sneaker suspended in air against a pure black void, perfectly lit to showcase every detail and texture of the leather and sole

midjourney product photography prompt

Other similar prompts are:

Elegant wristwatch featuring leather strap, white background, soft lighting to highlight texture, capturing a sense of luxury and sophistication

Red stiletto heels placed on a monochromatic black setting, dramatic side lighting to create shadows, fashion-forward, shot at a low angle to emphasize height

Sleek silver laptop on a minimalist white desk, ambient lighting to avoid screen glare, accessorized with high-tech gadgets, modern and innovative atmosphere, 50mm lens

Handcrafted gemstone jewelry on a velvet blue backdrop, spotlight to capture gem sparkle, intricate macro details, evoke a sense of luxury and uniqueness

Outdoor camping gear neatly arranged on a forest floor, natural morning lighting, wide-angle to capture all gear, adventurous mood with emphasis on utility

An overhead composite showing four seasonal lipstick colors in a perfect row, equally spaced on a white surface with directed shadows

Night Photography

Night photography specializes in capturing low-light scenes, ranging from cityscapes to natural settings. This genre highlights the world’s beauty under the cloak of darkness.

To construct effective Midjourney prompts for night photography, consider the following:

  • Specify it’s a nighttime scene by using terms like “after dark,” or a specific time such as “2 a.m.”
  • To simulate nighttime lighting conditions, you can include a high ISO value like “ISO 1000” in your prompt.
  • Mention the type of light source illuminating the scene, such as “backlit by street lamps” or “illuminated by car headlights.”
  • Use descriptive words to set the atmosphere or mood of the photo, like “mysterious,” “vibrant,” or “serene.”
  • Incorporate celestial elements like the Milky Way, meteors, or the Aurora Borealis to enhance the background.
  • For urban scenes, consider using terms that imply slower shutter speeds or long exposures, like “shutter speed 2s,” to capture light trails or blurred movements in traffic.

Prompt: a cyborg woman in a neon-lit cityscape with city lights forming bokeh in the background, Nikon D850

midjourney night photography prompt

Other similar prompts are:

An owl with huge eyes perched on a mossy tree branch in a mysterious forest at midnight, illuminated by shards of moonlight piercing the canopy, Nikon D850

Timelapse composite of Shanghai’s neon skyline reflected on the Huangpu River, speeding light trails from cars on winding elevated highways streaking above

The Eiffel Tower glittering with golden hour light under a dusky blue sky, a vintage Citroën passing in motion blur on the Pont Alexandre III bridge below

The grand fountains of the Bellagio choreographed and illuminated by colored lights, viewed from a gondola on the reflective water of the Las Vegas Strip at night

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is about capturing the intricacies, beauty, and design elements of buildings and structures.

This genre often emphasizes symmetry, lines, and strategic lighting. When crafting Midjourney prompts for architectural photography, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Mention the architectural style of the building, be it Gothic, modern, or brutalist.
  • Specify the angle to enhance the photo’s composition, such as a low-angle shot to emphasize a building’s height or a bird’s-eye view for symmetry.
  • Describe the materials that make up the structure, like stone, glass, or metal.
  • If desired, add suggestions for post-processing effects like black-and-white transitions or cinematic tones.

Prompt: Antoni Gaudí’s surreal undulating architecture of Parc Güell, intricate mosaic details, golden hour

midjourney architectural photography prompt

Other similar prompts include:

harsh Brutalist designs of a government building, focusing on the symmetry and angular lines as the sun sets, casting long shadows

A bird’s-eye view of a modern skyscraper, highlighting its glass facade reflecting the clouds and sky, juxtaposed against older brick buildings

Low angle view of a soaring Gothic cathedral interior, vaulted ceilings disappearing into shadow with intricate stained glass filtering sunbeams

The grand domed ceiling of a historic museum and library, ringed with ornate railings viewable from below, golden lighting catching floating dust

Surreal Photography

Surreal photography merges elements of fantasy and dreams, offering the viewer an escape from the ordinary.

To generate surreal images using Midjourney, consider these recommendations:

  • Construct imaginative scenes by placing incongruent objects together. For instance, “a grand piano floating in the clouds.”
  • Introduce transformations or transitions between different elements, like “A woman turns into a blossoming tree.”
  • Utilize words such as “dreamlike,” “floating,” “ethereal,” “mystical,” and “surreal” to set the tone for the image.

Prompt: Stairway made entirely of fluffy white clouds, ascending gracefully into a clear blue sky. Medium: Photography. Style: Surreal, reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s dreamscapes. Lighting: Ethereal, with soft sunlight filtering through the clouds, casting gentle shadows. Colors: Vibrant blues of the sky contrasted with the pure whites of the clouds.

midjourney surreal photography prompt

Other similar prompts are:

An immense whale glides elegantly through a bright blue sky filled with clouds, breaching above a vibrant cityscape

A figure reading a book while levitating cross-legged amidst floating pillars of boulders in an open night sky filled with auroras

A child riding a giant monarch butterfly, soaring through a canyon filled with floating

A massive waterfall flowing with a cascade of sparkling diamonds and gemstones, hitting a pool filled with liquid gold

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography breaks from traditional norms to focus on elements like shapes, colors, and textures instead of literal representation.

This genre engages the viewer in a more emotional or conceptual manner, often using everyday scenes as its base.

When crafting Midjourney prompts for abstract photography, you can employ a wide range of imaginative keywords.

Consider terms like “geometric,” “asymmetrical,” “swirling,” “fluid,” “organic,” “contrast,” “monochrome,” “neon hues,” “texture,” “chaos,” and “patterns.”

Prompt: a complex geometric design in the air with a neon glowstick, captured in a long exposure photograph

midjourney abstract photography prompt

Here are more prompts:

Brilliant powder pigments thrown into the air photographed at peak dispersion, explosions of color suspended gracefully

An abstract fluid photography of swirling organic ink forms in black, white, and red suggesting ribboning chaos

Low-poly geometric digital art that looks voxelated or glitchy, suggesting the fragmentation of reality

Water ripples frozen mid-movement in an ultra high-speed photograph, interfering waves creating intricate markings

Minimalist Photography

Minimalist photography aims for simplicity by highlighting only the essential aspects of a subject. This genre relies on impactful compositions that leverage clean lines, empty spaces, and a restrained color palette.

When constructing Midjourney prompts for minimalist photography, opt for keywords that capture this ethos of simplicity.

Use terms like “simplicity,” “minimal,” “clean,” “neat,” “uncluttered,” “essence,” “negative space,” “geometry,” and “neutral colors.” To eliminate unwanted elements, you can also use the --no parameter in your prompt.

Prompt: An uncluttered snowscape with a solitary figure in the distance, minimal elements, Hasselblad X1D –no footprints

midjourney minimalist photography prompt

Similar prompts can be found below:

Brilliant powder pigments thrown into the air photographed at peak dispersion, explosions of color suspended gracefully

An abstract fluid photography of swirling organic ink forms in black, white, and red suggesting ribboning chaos

Low-poly geometric digital art that looks voxelated or glitchy, suggesting the fragmentation of reality

Water ripples frozen mid-movement in an ultra high-speed photograph, interfering waves creating intricate markings

Cinematic Photography

Cinematic photography aims to create images with aesthetic and emotional depth similar to movie scenes.

This genre features dramatic lighting, compelling compositions, and emotional resonance that draw the viewer into a narrative.

For Midjourney prompts in cinematic photography, focus on keywords that bring out these cinematic elements.

Use terms like “dramatic lighting,” “blockbuster,” “action shot,” and “cinematography.” You can also refer to specific movie genres like action, sci-fi, or horror. For an authentic cinematic feel, it’s advisable to set the aspect ratio to 16:9.

Prompt: A high-speed motorcycle chase through a neon-lit city, each bike leaving a streak of light, inspired by cyberpunk thrillers –ar 16:9

midjourney cinematic photography prompt

Similar prompts include:

Superhero Landing in Heroic Pose Amidst Swirling Debris After an Epic Building Explosion: Blockbuster action shot, dramatic lighting emphasizing the smoke and debris. –ar 16:9

full body shot of a romantic kiss under torrential rain, the backdrop a cityscape reflecting neon colors, inspired by romantic dramas –ar 16:9

Action-packed shot of a car speeding away on an empty road, dust swirling behind, an element of urgency palpable in the scene –ar 16:9

Bokeh Photography

Bokeh photography concentrates on the artistic quality of the out-of-focus areas in an image. Originating from the Japanese word “boke,” which means “blur,” this style creates pleasing, blurred shapes or circles of light in the background.

When creating Midjourney prompts for bokeh photography, specify or imply that the backdrop should feature points of light, such as holiday lights, streetlights, or candles. Terms like “blur,” “shallow depth of focus,” “dreamy,” or even “bokeh” can be used to guide the rendering of the background.

Prompt: A sailboat on calm waters, with a bokeh moon and its reflection on water in the background

midjourney bokeh photography prompt

You can also use these prompts:

A couple sharing a romantic kiss under a torrential rain; background filled with blurred holiday lights

A lone pedestrian on a quiet city street, with streetlights and car headlights forming a bokeh background

A girl reading a book, with blurred candles in the background creating a soft, dreamy bokeh

A New Year’s celebration with champagne glasses in focus and fireworks creating a bokeh effect in the background

Motion Blur Photography

Motion Blur Photography captures the streaking effect produced when moving subjects are shot at slow shutter speeds. This style often aims to depict speed, the flow of time, or directional movement in an engaging manner. When writing prompts for Midjourney in this genre, consider including:

  • Fast-moving subjects like athletes, cars, or motorcycles.
  • Actions that convey dynamism, such as jumping, spinning, or splashing water.
  • Descriptions that indicate flow or direction, including terms like swirls, streaks, lines, or trails.

You can also use phrases like “dynamic and action-packed,” “speed lines,” or “speed and motion” to guide the image output. The appropriateness of these terms will depend on the specific content you’re aiming to capture.

Prompt: a porsche gt4 racing down a track, in the style of motion blur panorama, sunrays shine upon it –ar 16:9

midjourney motion blur photography prompt

Macro Photography

Macro Photography focuses on capturing minute details, often revealing textures and features not easily seen with the naked eye.

This genre encompasses subjects like insects, flowers, and water droplets, as well as intricate patterns and textures.

For Midjourney prompts in macro photography, consider:

  • Descriptions that highlight extreme close-ups, such as “Extreme magnification of a bee’s multifaceted eye.”
  • Mentioning specific small subjects like insects, flowers, or water droplets.
  • Descriptors that emphasize textures and patterns, like “Macro view of textured bark on an old tree.”
  • Employing terms that suggest a shallow depth of field with selective focus, such as “Tack sharp wings of a butterfly against a blurred background.”
  • Using lighting terms that bring out details, for example, “Backlit macro of a dandelion seed head glowing.”

In this way, you can guide Midjourney to generate detailed and striking macro photographs.

Prompt: extreme close up of an eye of a small lizard, national geographic photo –ar 16:9

midjourney macro photography prompt

Here are some similar prompts:

an extreme closeup photo of a fly eye covered in drops of water, symmetry, in the style of Thomas Shahan

backlit macro of crystalline snowflake shapes revealed under huge magnification with black background, minimalist

Extreme magnification of a ladybug’s shell, focusing on the geometric patterns and colors

Extreme close-up of an eye, incredible details in the iris and vascular patterns visible

Street Photography

Street Photography aims to capture slices of urban life, focusing on people, their interactions, and their surroundings. It can cover a range of subjects, from candid emotions to societal issues. When crafting prompts for Midjourney in this genre, you might:

  • Specify the setting, such as a cityscape, marketplace, or parade. For example, “A bustling night market in Shanghai where vendors are busy cooking street food.”
  • Highlight the emotional elements, like “A child laughing while running through a fountain on a sun-soaked day.”
  • Incorporate urban textures, buildings, or landmarks as backdrops. For instance, “A cyclist zooms past a graffiti-laden wall in a Brooklyn alley.”
  • Suggest black and white composition to focus on shapes, contrast, and shadows. Film types like Kodak Tri-X 400 or Ilford HP5 Plus could be added for a classic look.
  • Indicate a common lens used in street photography, like a 35mm lens.
  • Mention specialized street photography cameras like Fujifilm X100V, Leica Q2, Nikon Z fc, or Ricoh GR III to imply the type of gear used for the shot.

Prompt: low angle view of paper money blown everywhere around a ecstatic businessman at a crowded intersection, Kodak Tri-X 400

midjourney street photography prompt

Similar prompts:

A curious toddler peering into a vintage toy shop window, Fujifilm X100V

Silhouette of a lone skateboarder against the setting sun in a Venice Beach skatepark, 35mm lens

A monk offering blessings at a busy Bangkok intersection, 35mm lens

A child’s wonder at floating bubbles in a bustling Prague town square, Fujifilm X100V

High-Speed Photography

High-speed photography captures rapid movements or phenomena, freezing time to reveal details often invisible to the naked eye. This can include everything from popping balloons to breaking glass. Here are some ways to guide your Midjourney prompts in this style:

  • Specify super-fast subjects, such as bullets, missiles, or athletes sprinting.
  • Detail fast actions, like splashes, collisions, or explosions. Use terms like “high-speed sync” to convey this.
  • Include elements of high-speed flash photography to capture the motion clearly.
  • Lead with “the moment,” for instance, “the moment a water droplet impacts the surface.”
  • Specify fast shutter speeds to capture the fleeting moment, such as “a droplet of water hitting a surface at a 1/8000s shutter speed.”

By including these specifics in your prompts, you can effectively guide Midjourney to create impactful high-speed photographs.

Prompt: Ink dropped into water, intricately detailed crown splash formations developed the moment the liquid hits the surface

midjourney high speed photography prompt

You can also use these prompts:

The moment a hummingbird flaps its wings, captured with a fast shutter speed

The moment a balloon filled with paint bursts, captured with high-speed flash

Capture the explosion of color as a chalk bomb detonates, using high-speed sync

Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography often results in ethereal and dreamlike images by using slow shutter speeds to capture the movement of subjects like water, clouds, or stars. Here are some ways to guide your Midjourney prompts in this genre:

  • Include “long exposure” in your prompts or specify a slow shutter speed like 2 seconds, 10 seconds, or even a minute.
  • Mention the subject of movement, such as water for capturing seascapes, clouds for dramatic skies, or stars for celestial events.
  • Set the atmosphere by including words like “hazy,” “transcendent,” “clouds,” “fog,” or “water.”

Prompt: long exposure of an ocean, serene simplicity, dark emerald and sky-blue, moody and tranquil scenes –ar 16:9

midjourney long exposure photography prompt

Similar prompts:

long exposure photography of an ocean sunset with a pier in front of it, calm waters, clouds in the sky like running water –ar 16:9

Light trails streaming from car headlights on a bridge at night during 30 second exposure

Milky waters cascading down a forest waterfall with a 10-second exposure, Hasselblad X1D

Lightning strikes during a thunderstorm captured in a 20-second exposure

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography seeks to capture the majesty of nature and the environment.

Crafting cues for Midjourney in this area could involve:

  • Using foundational keywords like “landscape,” “natural,” “scenic,” “vista,” and “panorama.”
  • Mentioning the quality of light or atmospheric conditions. Phrases like “golden hour,” “blue hour,” or “stormy weather” can set the mood. For instance, “Columns of light breaking through rain clouds over a craggy coastline.”
  • Incorporating vibrant colors and atmospheric phenomena like rainbows, auroras, mists, or fogs. For example, “Vivid bands of Northern Lights over a star-reflecting lake.”
  • Adding adjectives to indicate scale or grandeur, such as “expansive,” “epic,” “grandiose,” or “layered.”
  • Indicating the texture and mood of the landscape. Use words like “vibrant colors of autumn foliage” or “rugged textures of craggy cliffs.”
  • Specifying the type of lens or field of view can also be helpful. For example, “14mm lens for a wide shot” or “extreme wide shot.”
  • Naming specialized landscape photography cameras like Sony A7R IV, Nikon D850, Canon EOS R5, Hasselblad X1D, Fujifilm GFX, or Phase One can also add a level of specificity.
  • Incorporating well-known references like “National Geographic style photo” can set a high standard for the image.
  • You can also use long exposures, as previously mentioned, to create ethereal effects.
  • For the aspect ratio, you might use parameters like “–ar 16:9” or “–ar 4:3” to set the desired frame size.

These prompts and tips can help guide Midjourney to produce visually striking and emotive long exposure and landscape photographs.

Prompt: Layers of rolling fog over San Francisco cityscape at blue hour, Phase One, urban landscape –ar 4:3

midjourney landscape photography prompt

Similar prompts:

river in guilin chinese countryside, in the style of light red and dark gold, panorama, national geographic photo, richly colored skies, Nikon D850 –ar 16:9

Golden hour glow on the Grand Canyon, highlighting rugged textures, Canon EOS R5, expansive vista –ar 16:9

Sweeping panoramic view of the Serengeti at sunrise, National Geographic photo, wild and expansive –ar 16:9

Ethereal waterfall in Iceland, silky water effect with long exposure, Sony A7R IV, vibrant colors –ar 16:9

Drone/Aerial Photography

Drone/Aerial Photography offers a bird’s-eye view of landscapes, urban areas, and events, providing a fresh and often awe-inspiring perspective. When creating Midjourney prompts for this genre, consider the following:

  • Mention “aerial view” or “bird’s-eye view” to establish the perspective. Other words: Bird’s-eye view, God’s eye view, drone-footage, aerial perspective, aerial view, aerial landscape, helicopter view, airplane view.
  • Include the time of day for a specific atmosphere, like “sunset” or “dawn.”
  • If applicable, mention drone specifications or settings for better targeting, such as “shot on a DJI Mavic Pro” or “in HDR mode.”

Prompt: Aerial view looking down on ancient rice terraces carved into the misty mountains of rural China, panorama, golden hour, national geographic photo, intricate geometric patterns in shades of emerald green and earthy brown –ar 16:9

midjourney drone aerial photography prompt

Similar prompts:

Aerial drone view of a busy harbor at golden hour. Intricate patterns of docked boats reflect warm sunset light rippling across the water. Long shadow and light beams dramatically illuminate the detailed scene. Cinematic lighting. –ar 16:9

Aerial perspective of a skate park, capturing skateboarders in action, with long shadows stretching out as the sun sets

Drone-footage of an ancient fortress on a hill, illuminated by the setting or rising sun, with the surrounding landscape cast in soft, warm light

Aerial landscape of a volcanic crater lake, capturing the surreal colors and the stark contrast between the water and the surrounding terrain

Double Exposure Photography

In Double Exposure Photography, two images are superimposed to create a surreal or dreamlike effect.

Writing a Midjourney prompt for this could involve:

  • Clearly stating that you want a double exposure. For example: “Create a double exposure photograph.”
  • Identifying the two scenes or subjects to superimpose. Use a template like: “Double exposure photography of [element 1] and [element 2], white background.”
  • Offering guidance on the mood or effect you’re aiming for, such as “dreamlike,” “surreal,” or “ethereal.”
  • If you want to emulate the style of certain photographers known for their double exposure work, you can mention them. For example: “Double exposure photography of [element 1] and [element 2], in the style of Dan Mountford or Dan Hillier.”

Both genres offer unique avenues for creative expression, and these prompts can serve as a guide to generate intriguing and captivating images.

Prompt: Double exposure photography of a waterfall and a woman in a flowing dress, white background

midjourney double exposure photography prompt

Similar prompts:

Double exposure photography of a mountain and a howling wolf, white background, by Dan Mountford

Double exposure photography of a majestic bison and great grass plains, white background, by Dan Mountford, by Dan Hillier

Double exposure photography of a surfer and a tidal wave, white background

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a genre that emphasizes capturing animals in their natural settings, showcasing not just the creatures themselves but also their behaviors and environments.

When crafting a Midjourney prompt, consider:

  • Mention the specific animal and its natural setting, like “cheetah in the savannah” or “penguins on an ice floe.”
  • Use verbs that reflect action or behavior, such as “roaring,” “nesting,” “hunting,” or “migrating.”
  • Introduce unique angles or perspectives, like “eye-level with a sea turtle” or “a bird’s-eye view of a herd of wildebeests.”
  • Describe lighting conditions for mood, such as “backlit lion at dawn” or “moose in misty morning light.”
  • Highlight expressions and emotions, like “curiosity in a squirrel’s eyes” or “majestic presence of an eagle.”
  • Mention photographic effects for drama, such as “monochrome giraffes in twilight” or “saturated colors of tropical birds.”

Prompt: Massive herd of impala gallop across Tanzanian plains backlit by golden hour sun, backlit by the golden glow of the setting sun. Dust kicks up around their nimble hooves as the antelope bound through the tall golden grasses. Nikon D850. –ar 16:9

midjourney wildlife photography prompt

Similar prompts:

an arctic fox with its winter coat, walking in falling snow, blurry snowflakes in the background, Sony A7R IV

vibrant colors and intricate dance steps of a male bird-of-paradise during its mating display, Olympus OM-D E-M1X

an entire elephant herd at a watering hole during the golden hour, emphasizing the textures of their skin and the water droplets splashing around them, Nikon D850 —ar 16:9

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography brings the mysteries of aquatic life to the surface, allowing for a unique blend of light, color, and movement.

For writing effective Midjourney prompts, keep in mind:

  • Include “underwater photography” to set the scene.
  • Name specific underwater locations or features, like “coral reef,” “sunken ship,” or “deep-sea vent.”
  • Identify marine life or other focal points, such as “school of clownfish,” “majestic whale,” or “intricate sea anemone.”
  • Discuss lighting conditions, such as “sunbeams filtering through water” or “bioluminescent creatures in the abyss.”
  • Incorporate action or behavior, like “dolphins playing,” “sharks hunting,” or “jellyfish drifting.”

Prompt: a translucent jellyfish against a pitch-black background, backlighting emphasizing its glow, ethereal mood, underwater photography

midjourney underwater photography prompt

Similar prompts:

a seahorse with a soft blurred background of colorful coral, enchanting patterns, delicate textures, underwater photography

a green sea turtle gracefully floating along a coral reef, beams of sunlight illuminating its shell through turquoise water, Nikon D850

a tranquil coral garden in shallow water, where beams of sunlight create natural highlights and shadows on the reef


Astrophotography offers a unique chance to capture the celestial wonders of the night sky.

When formulating Midjourney prompts, think of these suggestions:

  • Choose the celestial subject: Is it a “meteor shower,” a “solar eclipse,” a “lunar landscape,” or “deep space objects”?
  • Define the type of shot: “wide-angle Milky Way,” “telescopic view of Jupiter,” “time-lapse of star trails.”
  • Discuss lighting conditions: “under full moon,” “against the backdrop of an aurora,” “starry sky at new moon.”
  • Specify the angle or lens view: “ultra-wide shot of celestial equator,” “telephoto shot of Orion Nebula.”
  • Mention gear used in astrophotography, such as “captured with a Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope” or “shot on a Canon EOS Ra.”

Prompt: Saturn’s rings tilted optimally to showcase their fine structure, photographed using a reflector

midjourney astrophotography prompt

Similar prompts:

A Milky Way panorama arched majestically above a remote dark sky forest, long-exposure star trails winding endlessly through the inky blackness, Nikon D850 –ar 16:9

Dramatic auroral glow illuminating the crisp night sky above a remote Alaskan cabin, Canon EOS Ra

Comet NEOWISE’s brilliant tail spreading out behind its gaseous head glows greenish-white in long exposure against a deep indigo backdrop sprinkled with stars, Celestron EdgeHD 800

Black and White Photography

The timeless allure of black and white photography makes it perfect for emphasizing contrasts, textures, and emotions.

Here are some Midjourney prompt suggestions:

  • For an old-school touch, mention classic film cameras or films, like “captured on a Leica M6” or “shot on Ilford HP5 Plus.”
  • Specify if the camera or film isn’t inherently black and white with phrases like “black and white.”
  • Describe the light source or quality, such as “under harsh midday sun,” “bathed in soft window light,” or “in the subtle shades of twilight.”
  • For scenes, consider adding weather conditions that work well in black and white, like “foggy morning,” “rain-soaked streets,” or “snow-covered field.”
  • If focusing on portraits, include emotional cues like “smiling eyes,” “contemplative mood,” or “burst of laughter.”

Prompt: A crop duster soaring over lush cotton fields beneath stormy skies, caught mid-flight against billowing cumulus, Kodak Tri-X 400

midjourney black and white photography prompt

Similar prompts:

A photographer standing on the dock gazing out at a foggy harbor at dawn, boats fading mysteriously into the mist, Ilford HP5 Plus –ar 16:9

Surfing silhouette framed against an incoming stormy sunset, caught in motion on a dark beach thrown into chiaroscuro, Ilford HP5 Plus –ar 16:9

Labyrinthine branches of a bare winter tree fill the frame against a pewter sky, intricate structure brought out in high contrast monochrome, Leica M6

Vintage Photography

For those who appreciate the aesthetics of bygone eras, vintage photography can be deeply satisfying.

When you’re considering prompts for vintage photography in Midjourney, think about:

  • Time Period: Be specific about the era that you want to evoke, such as “Victorian Era,” “Roaring ’20s,” or “Swinging ’60s.”
  • Vintage Gear: Mention classic cameras that are characteristic of the period, like “shot on a Kodak Brownie” or “captured with a Leica M3.”
  • Period-Appropriate Props: Add elements that convey the time setting. For example, “flapper dresses,” “steam trains,” or “old leather-bound books.”

Prompt: full body shot of a Well-dressed qipao-clad lady wearing vintage shoes promenading through a public garden, chatting and smiling together holding folded fans and leafing through books as tags identify them for a photo club collection, 1910s Shanghai –ar 2:3

midjourney vintage photography prompt

Similar prompt:

A family gathered around a radio smiling on Christmas Day in the 1930s, soft light glows through the window, Kodak Retina

Sailors dancing with girls in a Parisian nightclub by flashing bulbs in 1944, joy amidst turmoil of war

Optimistic pioneers gathered by their covered wagon on the Western plains, squinting into the setting sun’s warm glow, 1860s

Toy Photography

Toy photography creates captivating worlds in miniature form. Whether for collectors or fans of creative photography, toy photography can be both fun and challenging.

For Midjourney prompt suggestions, consider:

  • Toy Types: Be specific about the kind of toy—like “Lego Minifigures,” “vintage tin cars,” “action figures,” or “Barbie dolls.”
  • Environments: Describe where you’d like the toys to be situated. “Toy soldiers in a living room battle,” “dolls at a fairy-tale castle,” or “miniature cars on a racetrack.”
  • Lighting: Define the source and quality of the light. Use cues like “soft morning light,” “harsh overhead lighting,” or “moody shadows.”
  • Emotional Tones: Insert an emotional tone to the setting, such as “playful,” “suspenseful,” or “nostalgic.”

By specifying such details in your Midjourney prompts, you can help guide the creative process more effectively, ensuring the resulting images align closely with your vision.

Prompt: Playmobil rescuers brave harsh snow flurries to save stranded siblings building an igloo in a winter wonderland –ar 16:9

midjourney toy photography prompt

Similar prompts:

Action figures wage an epic battle amidst an imaginary terrain under a table lamp nearing dawn –ar 16:9

Plastic soldiers take command of a miniature city under cover of darkness, stealthily liberating from toy tank treads

Toy Story gang relax at Pizza Planet after adventures, the arcade’s neon dazzle illuminating their boxescover storytime before bed

Infrared Photography

Infrared photography offers a unique way to capture the world, turning everyday scenes into almost alien landscapes.

While the technique is versatile, some subjects and settings can particularly highlight its capabilities.


  1. Forests and Trees: Infrared photography renders foliage with an almost glowing appearance, lending a dreamlike quality to forest settings.
  2. Bodies of Water: In infrared imagery, lakes, rivers, and oceans often look dark, even black, providing a contrast to the sky and vegetation.
  3. Mountains: Mountains can appear more dramatic in infrared, particularly when set against the sky.

Architectural Scenes

  1. Historic Architecture: Infrared enhances the visibility of textures and details in stone and brickwork.
  2. Modern Architecture: Infrared photography can highlight unique reflections in glass and metal surfaces.

Sky and Atmosphere

  1. Cloudy Skies: Clouds become more prominent in the sky when photographed in infrared.
  2. Sunsets and Sunrises: Infrared photography captures remarkable colors in the clouds and sky near the sun.

Urban Scenes

  1. Street Photography: Infrared light interacts with moving people, creating images that have a ghostly quality.
  2. Parks and Gardens: The effect of infrared light on plant foliage can make these spaces seem almost magical.

Special Conditions

  1. Snow Scenes: Infrared can intensify the whiteness of snow while making the sky appear darker, creating a stark contrast.
  2. Desert: The absence of moisture results in a pronounced contrast between the sky and the ground in infrared photography.

Infrared photography isn’t universally applicable. Human skin can appear peculiar in infrared images, for instance. Additionally, scenes lacking variability in infrared reflectivity can appear dull. Always weigh the specific traits of infrared photography when selecting a subject.

Infrared-Specific Prompt Tips

  1. Directly specify “Infrared photography” or “captured in infrared” to make sure the IR effect is applied.
  2. Name-drop infrared films like “Rollei Infrared 400” for a more authentic feel.
  3. Describe desired effects explicitly: “White glowing leaves,” “dark sky,” etc.

By including these details in your prompts, you’ll be more likely to get an infrared photograph that captures the otherworldly aesthetic and uniqueness of this photographic style.

Prompt: Bright white trees eerily glowing against a pitch black infrared sky in the forest –ar 16:9

midjourny infrared photography prompt

Similar prompts:

windswept prairie with tall grasses waving in the breeze dotted with wildflowers, infrared photography –ar 16:9

tranquil riverside scene, weeping willows trailing their green leaves into the water’s edge, Rollei Infrared 400

tranquil lake, willows draping their branches over clear waters, reflecting a sea of green, Rollei Infrared 400


Incorporating specific photographers who specialize in a given genre can add another layer of nuance to the images generated by Midjourney.

While space doesn’t allow for a comprehensive list here, a quick search with “best photographers for [genre] photography” can yield influential names to include in your prompts.

By using these specific, descriptive words in your Midjourney prompts, you can direct the creative process in a way that aligns closely with your vision.

Each genre has its own set of unique characteristics and techniques that can be captured and emphasized through carefully crafted prompts.

Whether you’re interested in the ethereal effects of long exposure or the otherworldly vistas of infrared photography, a well-considered prompt can make all the difference.

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