7 Features in Gemini Pro that Could Outshine GPT-4

Google’s chatbot Bard, integrated with DeepMind’s LLM Gemini Pro, has recently captured my attention.

Previously, I hadn’t given Bard much thought, but the incorporation of Gemini Pro has been a game-changer, setting new standards that even GPT-4 struggles to meet. I’ve previously delved into a detailed comparison between Gemini Pro and GPT-4, which you can find in my earlier post.

👉 GPT-4 vs. Google Gemini Pro: An In-Depth Comparison!

While Gemini Pro doesn’t surpass GPT-4 in all areas, it certainly sets a new benchmark when compared to GPT-3.5. It’s a formidable multimodal model in its own right, boasting network and image recognition capabilities far beyond those of GPT-3.5.

If you’re eager to experience it yourself, head over to bard.google.com, ensuring your IP is US-based and your language setting is English. A quick glance at its changelog (bard.google.com/updates) will confirm if you’re interacting with Gemini Pro.

gemini pro updates

This article will highlight 7 unique features of Gemini Pro, showcasing areas where GPT-4 falls short or simply can’t compete.

1. Accurate Image Search

One of the most impressive aspects of Gemini Pro is its integration with Google Images, the world’s largest image search engine. This synergy elevates its image search capabilities above even Google’s own standards. For instance, I used the following prompt:

Prompt: close-up aerial view of a woman’s hands holding a plate of colorful dim sum

search images with gemini

Google Images, however, couldn’t find a match for my prompt that was as accurate.

search images with google images

2. Image-Based Searching

I experimented with Gemini Pro’s image-based search by uploading a photo of my HDD. The prompt I used was:

Prompt: Share the Amazon selling price for this item and include a link for purchasing it.

Gemini came to my aid in locating an Amazon link for the identical drive. However, the listed price didn’t precisely match the actual cost. It also served as a reminder that finding an item with the exact same product number can be quite a challenge. Naturally, each item boasts its unique identifier.

find product price with gemini pro 2

When I attempted the same with GPT-4, it failed to provide any Amazon link.

gpt4 search products

3. Gmail Assistant

Gemini Pro excels in enhancing the Gmail experience. It simplifies the process of composing, editing, and sending emails directly from Gmail. Here’s how it works:

Prompt: Draft an email to my recruiter to accept the Social Media Manager job offer and negotiate a later start date

draft email with gemini pro 1

After drafting your email, simply click the “Draft in Gmail” button. This action will open Gmail with your message already prepared.

draft email with gemini pro 2

Additionally, Gemini Pro can succinctly summarize email content.

Prompt: Summarize my recent emails from Reddit.

summarize email with gemini pro

4. Youtube Assistant

Leveraging its connection with Youtube, Google’s premier video platform, Gemini Pro outshines GPT-4 in video-related tasks. While the ChatGPT plugin VoxScript is noteworthy, it doesn’t match the seamless and efficient functionality of Gemini.

Prompt: I bought a fiddle leaf fig plant, find me YouTube videos of how to take care of it

find youtube videos with gemini pro

Not only does Gemini Pro swiftly locate videos, but it also allows for immediate viewing on its platform. Its video summarization feature is both rapid and robust.

summarize videos with gemini pro

5. Super Web Browsing

Gemini Pro maximizes the potential of Google’s search engine, a core component of Google’s business model. This integration creates a powerful Internet search tool that far surpasses GPT-4’s capabilities, even when equipped with the WebPilot networking plugin.

Prompt: Create a table summarizing the specifications, prices, and links to Amazon or BHPhoto for three cameras: Canon EOS R50, Nikon Z 50, and Sony a7 iv.

product comparison with gemini pro

Gemini Pro’s ability to quickly generate summary tables and provide purchase links is astounding. It even offers an option to export these tables to Google Sheets.

export to google sheet with gemini pro
export to google sheet with gemini pro 2

Now, let’s tackle a more intricate challenge.

Prompt: Organic Food Products Market Study: Task: As a food industry analyst, investigate the organic food products market. Objectives: Identify the top 5 companies producing organic food products. Examine their product range, pricing, organic certification standards, and customer reviews. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of each brand, and provide links to the respective company websites. Organize the findings in a structured report with tables.

In this scenario, the Gemini shines with its remarkable efficiency.

market research with gemini pro

On the flip side, GPT-4 often requires numerous rounds of dialogue to reach completion, with uncertain outcomes at times.

6. Life Helper

Gemini Pro’s integration with Google services like Maps, Flights, and Hotels transforms it into an exceptional assistant for daily life.

Prompt: The pipe under my sink is leaking and I need a plumber. Show me plumbers in my local area.

For instance, when searching for plumbers, Gemini Pro not only lists them but also marks their locations on Google Maps.

find local places with gemini pro

Here’s another example:

Prompt: Find hotels for a 4-day trip to San Francisco for New Years Eve

find hotels on gemini pro

7. Multilingual Recognition

Gemini Pro’s ability to recognize Chinese text far exceeds that of GPT-4. When I uploaded a book cover with tiny Chinese characters, Gemini Pro accurately identified them.

gemini pro 识别中文

In a similar test, GPT-4’s performance was significantly inferior.

gpt4 识别中文


As a product that benchmarks against ChatGPT 3.5, Gemini Pro’s performance is nothing short of impressive.

The amalgamation of talent from Google Brain and DeepMind, coupled with Google’s search engine and computing resources, positions Google as a formidable contender to OpenAI.

With this in mind, the forthcoming Gemini Ultra promises to be a milestone in AI development. Let’s watch and see how it unfolds!

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