How to Effortlessly Save and Retrieve Your Fave ChatGPT Prompts

Tired of typing the same ChatGPT prompts over and over? Stumbled upon some killer prompts online but have no easy way to keep them handy?

Buckle up, folks! Let me introduce a free tool that not only organizes your favorite prompts into neat categories but also allows quick access right from your ChatGPT interface. This could be a game-changer!

Welcome to AI Prompt Genius

Meet AI Prompt Genius, a Chrome extension that’s as free as the air you breathe! Want to pull up a saved prompt? Just tap the forward slash (/) key while you’re in the ChatGPT chat box. That simple!

ai prompt genuis shortcuts

But wait, there’s more! Spot a gem of a prompt while browsing? Simply highlight the text, right-click, and save it directly into the extension.

save prompt through right click with ai prompt genius

And don’t sweat about losing your precious prompts. You can back them up as a text file whenever you like or sync them with Google Sheets.

Oh, and did I mention you can also dive into a library of pre-set prompt templates? Yeah, it’s that cool.

ai prompt genius prompt templates

By default, AI Prompt Genius keeps tabs on all your ChatGPT conversations. Searching for an old chat is as easy as typing in a keyword. Plus, you can save these conversations in multiple formats like Markdown, HTML, PDF, or PNG.

How to Get Started

1️⃣ Navigate to this Chrome webstore link and hit “Add to Chrome.”

ai prompt genius chrome extension installation page

2️⃣ Once installed, look for a puzzle icon at the top right of your browser. Click it, find AI Prompt Genius, and pin it to your browser’s top bar by hitting the pin-shaped button.

pin the ai prompt genius chrome extension

3️⃣ Click on the AI Prompt Genius logo in your top bar. This will launch the settings menu where you can fine-tune your ChatGPT prompt game.

Crafting Your Own Prompts: A Quick Guide

Option 1

1️⃣ Click the aforementioned logo to enter the settings.

ai prompt genius new prompt

2️⃣ Hit “New Prompt” on the left sidebar.

write a prompt in ai prompt genius

3️⃣ Name your prompt and add the text. Then click “Save.”

save a prompt in ai prompt genius

4️⃣ You can even categorize and tag your new prompt.

prompt operation in ai prompt genius

5️⃣ Pro tip: Make use of prompt templates! For example, I created one like, “Transform {{Topic}} into a real-world example.” Here, “{{}}” works as a placeholder for whatever topic you have in mind.

create a prompt template in ai prompt genius

The next time you use a prompt template with these placeholders, AI Prompt Genius will prompt you to enter your own variables.

input the value of variable in ai prompt genius prompt template

Just hit “Submit,” and voila! Your custom variables get seamlessly integrated into the template. Isn’t that something?

prompt by template in ai prompt genius

Option 2

1️⃣ A shiny new arrow button will appear at the bottom right of your ChatGPT window after installation.

ai prompt genius on chatgpt interface

2️⃣ Click it to access another prompt creation interface. You can edit and save your prompts here too.

untitled prompt in ai prompt genius
modify untitled prompt in ai prompt genius

Extra Toppings

ai prompt genius menu

On the left menu, you’ll find:

  • Curated Prompts: Sift through a handpicked selection of prompt templates.
  • Public Prompts: Jump right into a bustling subreddit where sharing ChatGPT prompts is the name of the game. Already 138K members strong and counting!
  • Dark Mode: Flip the switch and go dark—easy on the eyes and oh-so-stylish.
  • History: Keep tabs on your past ChatGPT conversations. Export, bookmark, delete—you’re in control.
  • Settings: Personalize your experience further. Language settings, homepage display choices—you name it.
  • Storage: Never lose a prompt again! Export, import, or delete your prompts and ChatGPT conversations, and yes, you can sync the prompts with Google Sheets too.


With AI Prompt Genius, not only does your ChatGPT experience become more efficient, but it also becomes a whole lot more fun! So what are you waiting for? Give it a spin!

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