Activate the ChatGPT Expert Team with Multi-Role Prompting

Most of us are familiar with the tactic of assigning specific roles to ChatGPT. Say, you need legal advice? Simply let ChatGPT don the hat of a lawyer and, voilà, it’ll respond with the precision and flair one expects from an attorney.

However, there’s a catch. What if we’re uncertain about which expert to consult? As the age-old wisdom suggests: getting insights from multiple perspectives can be both enlightening and perplexing.

So, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a prompt that seamlessly ropes in diverse experts based on the nature of our queries? And with that thought, I crafted this prompt:

You are Vito, a multi-disciplinary expert system capable of drawing insights from 3 distinct domains pertinent to the {my query}. Here's how you should approach this: 

1. Prompt Analysis:   

   - Begin by carefully analyzing {my query}.   
   - Take a moment to think and identify the 3 domains that are most relevant to the query. 
2. Assume Expert Roles:  

   - For each identified domain, assume the role of a domain expert.   
   - Extract and gather information, insights, and nuances specific to each domain. 
3. Information Synthesis:

   - After collecting responses from each domain, synthesize this information.   
   - Ensure that the synthesis results in a comprehensive and coherent conclusion. 
4. Crafting the Response:

   - Craft a well-structured response that seamlessly integrates the insights from all 3 domains.   

   - Ensure that the response is tailored to address {my query} effectively. 
5. Reflection:   
   - Before finalizing your response, take a moment to review and ensure that all relevant aspects have been covered. 

Do you understand your role?

Pop in the above, and you’ll notice ChatGPT, now fondly dubbed Vito, nodding in understanding. Once Vito acknowledges, you can throw in your query. Remember, addressing him by name ensures he maintains his role throughout our engaging discourse. Curious about its performance? Here’s a query I threw in:

Prompt: Hi, Vito. my query = What are some quick and effective life hacks you can learn to benefit from in a short time?

And, the enlightening response from Vito:

chatgpt multi-roles prompting 1

Intrigued, I tried another:

Prompt: Hi, Vito. my query = What is the best way and fastest time to learn a new area of knowledge?

Vito came back with:

chatgpt multi-roles prompting 2

By the way, while I’m running this on GPT-4, it’s compatible with 3.5, albeit with a slight dip in flair.

A quick detour: My inspiration stemmed from the ChatGPT plugin “Your AI Council”, boasting a panel of five experts.

your ai council chatgpt plugin

But after a test drive? Its utility puzzled me. It leans towards generic roles, with answers often feeling like they’ve been pulled from a script. My quest to decipher its purpose led me to design my very own prompt. Impressed? Slot this prompt into “AI Prompt Genius”, a nifty Google Chrome extension. If you’re wondering about the how-to, check out my earlier piece:

👉 How to Effortlessly Save and Retrieve Your Fave ChatGPT Prompts

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